भूर्भुवः॒ स्वः तत्स॑वितुर्वरे॑णियं भ॒र्गो॑ दे॒वस्य॑ धीमहि ियो॒ यो नः॑ प्रचो॒दया॑त्॥ ।

Empowerment Intro
Navratri Nectar Self Himalayan Immersion
The Navratri Restorative Cleanse  ::  SHE: Nectar Self Reflection

We will travel to the Kumaon Himalayas,
timing aligned to the autumnal equinox,
to several of the most rarified High-Prana Sacred-Sites in India.
Immersed in the epic Shakti there we will study, practice and live,
via the clear simple multiple potent facets of the Veda Mandala views,
many of the most important yet little known facets of Yoga & Ayurveda including:

The protocols and practices of the Yoga & Ayurveda’s traditional Cleanse:
The Navratri Seasonal Restorative Cleanse 

and concurrently the precious Bodhisattva practices of exquisite Life as Loving:
the Nectar Self Reflection view

Guided by

UmaPrashanti de Jager

& Jutta Maria Hecht

Special guest teachers:

Sri Partap Chauhan +

:: this will change your life and path ::  

Jutta Maria Hecht
Deep Yoga Wisdom
Weaver of Truth in World
Core of Jiva Sattva Center
Prashanti de Jager
Activist, Vedic Scientist,Yogi, 
Seer of deeper Navratri protocols
Himalayan Expert, Nectar Self
Dr Partap Chauhan
World Paragon Ayurvedic Doctor
Seer of the Jiva Foundation
Prolific powerful Activist in India

Special Guest Teacher


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Dunagiri Retreat Center

Facing North

Dunagiri Retreat Center

Facing South

Dunagiri Retreat Center

2103 Immersion at Dunagiri

15 person : 30 day

Prashanti & Komala Lyra

A practically mythic retreat center owned and operated by our precious brother Piyush Kumar.  Prashanti has been here at least 20 times over the years as it has always been a ‘sister’ of sorts to his Dunagiri Foundation and he has been part of 3 Immersions here.  It is rustic and yet high quality and very comfortable.  It is in the middle of a whole orb of some of the most sacred sites in India including a major potent esoteric Goddess Temple, Dunagiri Mandir, and it is within sight of the cave of the legendary ‘Babaji!’

Dhanvantri Baba
2018 Navratri Participants sitting 
with the local Sadhu in his ‘cave’
Introduction to Empowerment

Babaji MahaYogi

One can see his Cave’s

location from the Center

Dunagiri Retreat Center

Neem Karori Baba Ashram

His Ashram near Kanchi

Neem Karori Baba

Incredible Being, Crazy Wisdom Saint

Neem Karori Baba Ashram

His Ashram near Kanchi

On our way to Dunagiri from Kathgodam we will spend some time taking in the Darshan of Neem Karori Baba, one of India’s greatest Saints of the 21st century and Guru to Ram Das, Krishna Das, Steve Jobs and many others.

Neem Karori Baba Ashram
SPIRITUAL POWER: Tap into Vibration of Ancient Sages
HIGH PRANA: Steep in a mystic ever so generous Prana
PEACEFULNESS: Experience deeply the Enduring Silence
RESTORATION: a gentle yet Core Restore 
LIFE RHYTHM: Learn and practice the Yoga of Time
Living aligned with the true rhythms of your nature
Directly experience Navratri Restorative Cleanse Equinox practice
Practical knowledge of the Restorative cleanse shareable for Life
Directly experience the bi-monthly practice of Ekadasi
NECTAROUS HEART: Learn Yoga’s deep Nectar Practices
Find ways to know what is never forgotten
Allow yourself to simply melt into and as Heart!
Totally change your view of the World
Fall in love with the beauty that surrounds you!
Improve all relationships by deepening the one who relates
CLARITY: Experience unflawed Clarity that is ‘Being Deep’ Prana
COMMUNITY: Bond to a global Community
CERTIFICATION: 180 Veda Mandala Credits / 120 Veda Mandala Credits
  Venues & Locations of the Immersion
Guides / Teachers / Co-Creators
What You’ll Earn & Gain & Acquire & Experience

Sukh Dev Mandir

This Temple site is a mere 10 minute

walk away and is over 3 Yugas old!!

Rishi Garg Ashram

The ancient site of the Ashrama

of Rishi Garg is a 5 minute walk away


The ancient site of Krishna’s Mountain

Home is a mere 8 miles away

Dunagiri Mandir

The ancient ‘secret’ Temple to Durga

is about 1 mile away

Babaji’s Cave Secret Entrance
2018 Navratri Participant Neptune 
meditating in the Secret Entrance 
to Babaji’s cave
Jutta Leading Sunrise Trataka
One of the most important practices is gazing on the rising Sun as lead by Jutta here!
The Relentlessly Beautiful Dunagiri Retreat Center



October 13th - 27th, 2020 ::16+ days::

Dunagiri Retreat Center, Kumaon Himalaya

EarlyBird: $2900 total course & travel & food & lodging

HIGH HIMALAYAN TOUR  :::more info:::


Possibly including NarainBagar, Badrinath, Tungnath, etc

October 27th - November 4th   more info  :: 9+ days::

EarlyBird: $900 (not including travel & food & lodging)